Building confidence
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Building confidence
that lasts

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We all worry about our kids...

Being a parent is the hardest job there is. 

Children grow up so fast and you’re responsible to guide them through life. 

Unfortunately, you can’t protect them from everything. They’ll get bumps and scrapes. They’ll fall out with their friends. They may even fall behind in school.

The things we have control over are hard enough, but when we have no control, that’s when it really gets tough. But while the education system might fail your child, that doesn’t mean your child has to fail. 

Someone that cares...

I am a qualified primary school teacher with a maths specialism.
I loved teaching and I cared deeply about the children.
Children would frequently fall behind because of the school’s budget. I’d often resort to buying resources for the children out of my own pocket.
My lunches and break times were spent helping students that needed extra support.
I spent my weekends planning differentiated lessons to include stretching the higher ability children.
But it never felt like enough. I still had children falling behind and not reaching their full potential. I wanted to do more.
So I became a full-time tutor.
Now I have the time and resources I’m daily:
– creating personalised lessons to cater to every child
– helping pupils identify and overcome any obstacles
– listening and giving feedback to parents
– empowering students to achieve their very best
In addition to my PGCE, Qualified Teacher Status and Maths Specialism I have a BA (Hons) in Philosophy from the University of Liverpool.
I am fully insured and DBS checked.
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Why me?

Qualified Teacher

I am a maths specialist primary school teacher, graded ‘outstanding’ when I received my Qualified Teacher Status. I have experience of working in 6 schools and I’m fully insured and DBS checked.

Personalised Lesson Plans

As a full time tutor, I have the time to create bespoke lesson plans, which specifically address the needs of each child, and move them on in their learning at the optimal rate for them, thus maximising their progress.

Accurate Assessment

Using my own digital assessment tool, I regularly track your child’s progress in line with the National Curriculum so you can see their improvement over the weeks and months.

Helpful Feedback

At the end of each lesson you will receive lesson notes, which include your child’s strengths and areas for development. I am also available for phone calls to discuss your child’s progress in detail. 

Confidence Building

Growth Mindset is vital for children to maintain resilience and make true progress. Using research based feedback techniques, I empower children to believe in themselves. I’m not just about passing tests but developing a love of learning.

Cater to all abilities

I have a wealth of experience in teaching children with learning disabilities including dyslexia, ASD, ADHD, Down Syndrome and others. 

If your child is gifted and talented, I can also help them stay engaged with learning by providing challenges and problem solving tasks to really stretch them.

Tuition Options


Not all children learn maths the same way. This can cause them to fall behind in the confines of a rigid classroom environment all too easily. As a maths specialist, I use the latest resources and strategies to ensure your child has plenty of eureka moments.

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Mastering English is something that will set you up for success in life. Unfortunately, for many children, learning English isn't an exciting prospect. Using a variety of techniques and tools, I aim to have children fall in love with reading and writing as well as develop their spelling, grammar and vocabulary along the way.

11 Plus

I provide 11+ tuition for all selective Trafford schools. I systematically build up the specific skills and then focus on exam technique to ensure pupils feel confident and prepared for the big day.

Tilly has been tutoring our granddaughter for over a year now, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her sessions are interesting, engaging and pitched at the right level. Her approach is thoroughly professional and conscientious and I feel our granddaughter is gaining confidence in areas where she lacked it before.



One to One Tuition


Per Session

  • 1 hour session
  • 1 to 1 with tutor
  • Personalised lessons
  • Weekly lesson notes
Paired Tuition


Per Session

  • 1 hour 15 minute session
  • 2 children of similar ability
  • Personalised lessons
  • Weekly lesson notes

Get in Touch

To book a no-obligation assessment for your child or find out more, give me a call on 07981 430376 or fill in the form below.